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Monday, 6 August 2012

Pearly penile papules -Types of treatments to remove imperfections

If you notice small bumps on the penis, you should choose a treatment of pearly penile papules for deletion as long as this is the condition in question. The condition is named after the brilliant white bumps that look like small pearls a string tied around the head of the penis. The condition is common in uncircumcised men. Treatment of the beads can save a man from having to explain to a partner during intimate contact. However, the protrusions do not indicate the presence of a sexually transmitted disease or cancer. Physicians can examine the area or biopsy for diagnosis. Home remedies or creams over-the-counter do not work. You will waste time and grow frustrated the use of these remedies to get rid of the disease.

The use of a CO 2 laser is an example of a pearly penile papules treatment. The Fraxel laser is also used to treat this condition. Laser surgery is commonly used to treat this condition, but there are other options too. Radio frequency also used to remove the lesions. This procedure uses radio waves to remove the lesions. No damage to areas not affected by injury. Typically, patients do not need multiple treatments, if the entire area is treated successfully. Surgery to scrape or cut the imperfections, is also an option for some patients.

pearly penile papules removal:During a consultation, the doctor wants to know your medical history. Patients with uncontrolled diabetes or other medical conditions may not be candidates for treatment. Some procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, which means you can go home soon after the procedure is completed. There may be a recovery time of several days to several weeks to recover completely from the method used to kill them.

When treatment procedures Pearly penile papules are completed by a specialist, there is little risk of loss of penile sensitivity. Although some patients are afraid to experience severe pain during the procedures, some of the surgeries have minimal pain. A local anesthetic can be applied to the area. Scarring or other hazards may also be minimal, depending on the type of procedure and the level of the surgeon's experience. Take special care to compare and contrast the procedures and risks.
You may be able to go to work soon after treatment and can resume sexual relations after treatments are over and the area has healed. Follow-up visits to your doctor can confirm when it is safe for you to resume normal activities.

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