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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Fat Burning Furnace Review - Plenty of exercise

First look at the similarities between the exercise and sex. Both make you sweat, breathe hard and accelerate the heart. Both lead to a feeling of satisfaction end. In addition, they can be considered as examples of ecstasy and physical agony.
One of the first studies to observe the sexual response in women to exercise, found that physical activity seems to prepare the female body for sexual arousal. In one study, a group of women saw two movies twice, first a travel film, then an erotic film. Before seeing the film a second time, the group of women underwent a 20-minute session of exercise bike. The authors of the study from the University of Texas, asked the women to try to determine how they were excited (subjective analysis), while measuring blood flow to the genital area (objective method), and found that after the excitation levels year increased significantly. This does not mean that aerobics can induce an orgasm. Not that you're training for women to drive or to increase blood flow. The exercise prepares the body for a sexual response, and then, when women were exposed to a sexual situation, watching an erotic film, their bodies react faster and more intensely than if they had not exercised.

The research cited is the first to specifically evaluate the female sexual response to physical activity, and its results have been amazing to go against the assumptions that have long been believed to be accurate in the field of sexual function, truths which are based on the subject of men. Studies in humans show that anxiety is the main cause of erectile dysfunction. As always believed that when the nervous system was activated by drugs or by the anxiety itself is hurt sexual functioning. Thus, treatment tended to induce a state of relaxation in the paciente.Por contrast, this study indicates that the same nervous system activation induces a heightened sexual response.
A question of self-esteem?
Other research shows the same relationship between gender and physical activity. A study published in the "Archives of Sexual Behavior" (Archives of Sexual Behavior) in a group of men, hitherto inactive, they started to do aerobics three to five times a week, one hour each time, which dramatically improved their sex life.
Everything is a matter of common sense. Fat Burning Furnace Review There are studies that suggest that self-esteem increases with body activity. When people exercise, kicking, and feels less able, and feel good about yourself is important for good sexual feeling. Embarrassment or shame in the body (with or without excess weight) is very common and leads to separation of the person's "physical". When people start or return to the practice, met with his physical being that has desires and needs, feels pleasure and pain is real. You begin to feel sexy again.
Here arises a problem that was echoed by several studies. People who exercise regularly, often become insensitive critics of their bodies and their self-esteem is related to extreme physical attractiveness. What has not been able to determine is which came first feeling is, why they came to exercise regularly? Why your self esteem it took (and thus improving their body condition) or because he called physical (improving self-esteem later)?
It is not surprising, exercise increases the level of sexuality. There was always something sexual muscles, because they remind us that we are animals.
Some conclusions
In short, the above study suggests that women respond sexually as they do traditionally men. For years, women with problems to manage sexual arousal and orgasm, they were asked to "relax" to take a bubble bath. Research suggests, a purely psychological point of view, the opposite is true. Women must do something exciting, like exercise. This may explain why many couples have sex after a big fight right: they are "accelerated".
How long sexual arousal? The Texas study measured the effects of exercise on sexual response at various intervals after physical activity. Minimal effects were found after five minutes (probably because the body is busy blood that feed the muscles that worked) and a significant effect at 15 and 30 minutes. No effects were analyzed, but it is assumed that the residual effects would continue for much longer, and some activities remain latent nervous system to facilitate physical activity sexual.La response improves circulation, which facilitates sexual activity. In addition, exercise makes man an animal more efficient, one of the best machine tools, flexible, strong and ready. It makes you happy with yourself. And trust is hugely important for the sex appeal.


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