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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

jump manual review - Jump Rope Tricks

Jumping rope is one of the oldest sports played, and in medieval times, vines, bamboo, etc., were used. Evolved over time as the jump rope. Now what we see is a refined string whose length, thickness, and the handle is sized using specific considerations. But one can only use a string to jump and jump rope. Jumping rope, also known as a jump rope or jumping rope has become an important training tool for children and adults alike. And he is just bored of the jumps and hops, try the following tips to enjoy the rope.

Easy tricks jump rope
One of the best reasons for this fun game is so popular is that it is not only a primary tool required, the jump rope. This game can be played alone or with company and depending on what jump rope tricks for treatment, a small room, a hallway or a large yard is needed.

Double jump jump manual review : This is a basic technique of jumping rope, where, in the rotation of the rope an individual has to jump twice.

Rope Jog: This trick is again a simple, each turn of the rope, passing over one foot and then the second. Run only in one place, and jumping rope while doing so.

Single Side Swing: This trick requires a rope swing to one side and hip accordingly. Put your hands together and swing the rope on one side and jump on that side.

Zancudo Skip: Skip and jump normally, but with each jump, jump with one foot in front and one behind. Change the position of the feet.

Heel Change: The trick requires a jump and touch the heel. While jumping, tap the heel of one foot in front of you and putting your feet touch the switch and again.

Crossing twist: This trick is to be followed in each hop alternative. Jumping rope and jumping, and in the second round of cross hands and jump through the loop created.

Jumping Partners: In this trick one is bound to go very fast with a partner. Normally go with a rope to jump, but jump high and fast, you must jump twice before the rope passes under your feet again.
Intersect: This rope trick trick follow the swing cross' for the first blow, followed quickly uncrossed hands and skip a base jump.

Push: Try this only once they have developed a good hand to jump a little harder, one also has to be practiced in the chest. Jump down to earth and quickly put his hand on the ground and legs spread in a push-up position. Go back and pull the rope under your feet. This will require some practice to do well.
Frog Jumps: For this trick you need a longer rope jumping and a partner. Rebound together, and then go to 'straddle swing', and to swing sideways. The partner in front passes under the legs and another with the next hop, carrying out changes and side porch come to switch sides over and over.

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