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Friday, 23 May 2014

1. Trying to treat the disorder

A major obstacle in trying to treat the disorder is the fact that the victim does not admit any problems, it is their way of life and many happy people around him makes it clear that it behaves normally until perfectly (because regular exercise, to which they themselves fail force)
Currently there are no accurate statistics on the incidence of this disease, but as he continues, "fitness boom", experts predict that the disabled will increase further and the problem will be more visible (Mann, 1998).
There are specific personal or social factors that lead to dissatisfaction with their bodies and extreme efforts to achieve a cultural ideal?
The examination showed that the most important risk factors include pressure area and media influence
Research from the Centre for Obesity Research Hospital ST. Luke's / Roosevelt at Columbia University points to the crucial role of the ambient pressure during physical activities (Leone, Faith, 1998)
 Were 305 boys and 269 girls from public high school in New York?
 It was obvious that the area is under pressure, regardless of sex found themselves those who not to participate in sporting activities, which often sport too boring.
 The risk factors that we classify overweight in childhood, when humans creates low self-esteem and self-respect.
 As already mentioned, satisfaction with the way they look, is based on self-assessment.
Feeling "fat child" may persist regardless of the current design and deliver a constant fear of their physical imperfections.

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