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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Jump Manual Review - Law RAGONE claims a day ?

Former governor Miguel Ragone, Santiago Martinez and Margaret grocery Arredes Liel murder kidnapping disappearance wounds received by the public to follow the arguments. For now, the human rights of the Secretariat of the people represented by attorney Martin Avila, and these claims do not charge Azzolin Horace addressed.

Time permits and you are ready to defend, as well as the arguments may be lawyers who took part in the seven defendants, lawyer Mariano Garcia Zavalia, one of the secretaries of the court seised of the central bank presiding judge in the Martha Liliana said Snopek.
Does jump manual work:Rock Marcelo Arancibia and public defenders Paul Federico Lopez houses Louthier Mulhall and Michael Petrina's Carlos Alberto Raul and Andres Gil Gentile Jaoquin and retired police officers in police Soraire Valley Zanetto Hector Javier Pedro Herrera Herrera and Ruben Nelson retired civil.
Your arguments are not working today but not to change the complete schedule of September 12. Before turning to discuss his decision to give the defendant to the court to hear the last words of the day appointed. However, orally that day, the prosecution and defense, complaints and claims replication (under the procedure for an opportunity) to ask, will set a date that, if the judge gives a speech before. Dates may vary according to how they develop, argues that the court employee to provide better "is determined by the court in September to what ends it."

In principle, the Court Federal Criminal Oral Snopek, Carlos Mantilla Jimenez Luis Jimenez (In addition, in the fourth Judge Jose Quirinal Uriburu), friends (Natalie Toto, it will take an hour just claims lawyers, as well as of civic activities and other complaints 1 and Liel Veronica Martinez Molina), the other two of the last 23 (lawyer Matias Duarte, the family complained to the Legal Counsel David Leiva and Oscar Rodriguez Ragone, activation fee and without memory and Justice), nearly twice as long.

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